Patent & Utility Model Filings


  • prepare and file Polish, European and PCT patent applications in all subject matters and disciplines, and also file utility model applications in Poland
  • engage experts with backgrounds in science or engineering who thoroughly grasp client ideas and convert them into patent applications that correspond to commercialization plans of clients
  • draft patent & utility model specifications from the aspect of possible infringers which allow us to recognize and fix the weak points of applications long before any dispute
  • help our clients to handle all stages of prosecution proceedings

Selected Experience

Our team members have participated in, acted for, worked on, or prosecuted:

  • patent prosecution proceedings in the Polish Patent Office relating to an invention in the area of second medical-use and applying plausibility principles
  • coordinated multi-jurisdictional prosecution process for PL start-up of a cardiosurgical device
  • an invention re: technology for conducting chemical and physical processes on behalf of the Polish Academy for Sciences
  • prosecution of an utility model in the area of a hygienic article